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  • Higher conversion is the results of local targeting, improving your business traffic
  • Smarter Use of budget, your marketing budget stretches wider when you narrow your target

Top Platforms:

  • Facebook (Branding): Target Facebook users (3-5miles radius around your restaurant) through professional setup, generating branding exposure
  • Google (Search): Be found when people are actually searching for you!
  • Yelp (Credibility): people rely on yelp for reviews & recommendations. You get a higher conversion & user experience through professional setup

Why SOFUN? We have Marketing super power!

SOFUN MEDIA is a Chinese online media company delivering local information to the
Chinese community in San Diego & readers of Southern California. Our Main platform is our website, utilizing portals such as social media platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Wechat (Wexin), Google plus, Weibo and moreto reach our audience.

  • Monthly Readers: June 2018: 30,000+ users (Local Chinese Users)
  • 6000+ Facebook members, 8500+ wechat followers

Contact Details

7084 Miramar Rd #301, San Diego, CA 92121

(858) 880-7386 (main number)

Email: info@sofunsd.com

About us

A. Multi Platforms, Provide both old and new marketing platforms.

B. Effective, 30,000+ Local Chinese Readers.

C. Trustworthy,  Large portfolio of advertisers.

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