Thursday, October 28, 2021
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“Mezé Greek Fusion”希腊创意餐厅, 20% off
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您知道吗?每年 三月除了有爱尔兰的国庆日圣派翠克节(Saint Patrick’s Day)之外,希腊的国庆日也是在三月份喔! 每年3月25日是希腊的国庆日,也被称为独立日(1821年的这一天,希腊爆发反土耳其侵略军的独立战争,同时宣布独立)。这次SOFUN将给读者们(FUNsters)带来不一样的希腊美味,希望大家可以透过美味的食物接触到一个新的文化~

The Greek Independence Day is this Saturday (03/25), and as a lot of FUNsters are aware, here at SOFUN we love to introduce our viewers to different cultures through the power of delicious food!

为了庆祝希腊独立日,SOFUN将借由这个机会、陆续介绍圣地牙哥五家独具风格的5家希腊餐厅,来跟小编一起看看第一家,Mezé Greek Fusion有什么特色吧!

To start off our Greek Independence Day segment, we’ll introduce to you 5 restaurants we just can’t get enough of. Let’s check out our first Greek Restaurant Showcase!

Mezé Greek Fusion 希腊创意餐厅

Mezé‘s Charm 餐厅魅力


Meze offers a unique selection of food based on tradition with no limitations! We take the freshest ingredients and ideas to create a menu exciting for every guest, and offer a fun and energetic, yet chic environment for everyone to enjoy!




Meze’s Signature Dishes 招牌菜

1) “鲜虾火焰干酪”Shrimp and Ouzo Saganaki 

Jumbo Shrimp flambeed table side w/ fresh garlic , scallions,feta and tomato

2) 希腊羊排 Lamb Chops 

Greek herb marinated lamb chops grilled  to perfection

Meze Special

现在Meze还大方的给SOFUN的读者们独享20%的折扣哦! 不要忘记出示折扣码SOFUNSD !Meze was very generous to our viewers here at SOFUNSD, providing us with a 20% off discount!

So come out this week and give Meze Greek Fusion a try, we guarantee they won’t disappoint! (Don’t believe us? Take a look at their Yelp! reviews!)

Mezé Greek Fusion

  • Location: 345 6th Ave, San Diego CA, 92101 (Gaslamp, East Village)
  • Contact: (619)-550-1600
  • Homepage
📢新W(e)XlN: SOFUNmedia888 ⚠️2021版
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