Two adorable Amur leopard cubs played in their habitat at the San Diego Zoo this morning, under the watchful eye of their mom, 4-year-old Satka, animal care staff, zoo guests. The cubs, born April 5th, are the first Amur leopard cubs born at the Zoo since the rare species first arrived in 2011. Over the past few weeks, Satka has been introducing the young ones to their habitat, slowly allowing them to explore, climb and play, before corralling them into the den for feedings or to rest. Mom and cubs are part of an international conservation effort by scientists to increase the species population. Less than 70 Amur leopards have been documented in their native habitat, the Primorye region of the Russian Far East, making them the rarest big cat species on the planet. These mostly solitary animals were once found in northeastern China, Russia and the Korean peninsula, but those populations have been decimated, due to loss of habitat and poaching for their thick, spotted coats. The breeding program in zoos is designed to support the sustainability of the Amur species by building a baseline population, which will then produce offspring that could help bolster the dwindling population in the wild. Animal care staff will perform a health check on the cubs within the coming days—including determining their gender. San Diego Zoo guests can visit Satka and her cubs at their home in the Asian Cats habitat found in in Panda Canyon.
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一對可愛的遠東豹(Amur leopard)上個月在聖地牙哥動物園誕生。這可是聖地牙哥的第一次迎接這「最珍貴的大型貓科動物」可愛又瀕臨絕種的動物,快來看喔!




遠東豹(Amur leopard)

遠東豹(Amur leopard)是珍稀品種,他們的原生棲息地是在俄羅斯東部地區。屬性是喜獨自生活、晝伏夜出、領地意識強。遠東豹捕食梅花鹿、麝、狍子、馴鹿、野豬、兔子等食草動物,跳躍能力相當強,可以越過6米寬的鴻溝或跳上3米高的峭壁。


動物園的工作人員將在未來幾天內對小獵豹進行健康檢查,包括確定他們的性別。遊客們可以在動物園Panda Canyon區的亞洲棲息地(Asian Cats habitat)看到這一對小可愛。


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