Create & Manage Your Post / Use SofunSD Google Sheet

Dear SofunSD Writer,

Welcome to the SofunSD writer team. This instruction below will help you get familiarized with our article writing platform as well as using the google sheet to propose your article idea and track your published articles.

Using the SofunSD WordPress Platform

Add New

  • Featured image (bottom right column) has to be 800px by 600px.
  • Add Media (button) allows you to add images throughout the content, there is no guidelines for sizes here.


All Posts

  • All posts (left column) allows you to view the list of posts you are currently working on/ published
  • Screen option (top right hand button) allows you to select post elements you are interested in.


Article Procedure:

  1. We will assign you a topic objective theme for your articles. (you are allowed to suggest themes otherwise)
    • example (new year’s: local events/food/news)
  2. You will have to first get back to us with a proposed topic.
    • example (5 places to spend your new year)
  3. We will have to double check with other writers to avoid topic duplication.
  4. You will then be given either the green light to write / be asked to suggest different ideas.
  5. Your article will need to then be completed within 7 days.
  6. Upon article submission approval (within 4 days of submission), we will either pay you via paypal/check at the end of each month.

Article Guidelines:

  • At least 3 paragraphs (1 page)
  • Around 900 Chinese characters (including some English)
  • Include one main image (horizontal) 800px by 600px
  • Additional of 5 images (you can grab online, just need to source it accordingly)


Creating Citations:

Search for “Custom Fields” below content block, click on drop down and chose from one of the following:

Edit Page ‹ 搜FunSD - 吃喝玩樂聖地牙哥最道地 {} — WordPress 2014-12-16 15-05-00

you can select and fill up from one of the following:

  • 00_original >> information citing
  • 00_og_image >> image citing
  • 00_og_video >> video citing


Use Google Sheet to propose/ describe article idea and track your published articles

By now, each of you should have received an invitation to view a google sheet that lists the article that you have completed or are currently working on. Please accept this invitation and take a moment to review this google sheet. If you have not yet received the invitation, please let us know. This google sheet will be your best friend. It is a tool of communication that will help streamline the process for article topic proposal, article submission, and tracking of completed/incomplete articles.

  1. After you open your google sheet, you will see two main tabs: “Submitted Articles” and “Proposed Topics.” In the submitted articles tab, there are four columns in the sheet. For the date column, you will input the date of the article that is ready for review. For title, you will input the title of the article that you have completed. For the last three columns (approved, month, paid), we will complete these information so you will be able to see whether your submitted draft is approved/paid.
  2. Under the second (Proposed Article) tab, there are three columns. In the proposed topic date, input the date when you propose the topic. For the proposed topic column, describe the topic that you are going to write about. Finally, for the approved column, we will let you know whether your topic is approved. You will receive an email notification when your topic is approved.
  3. Please note that when each time you propose a topic, you will need to insert a comment in the “proposed topic” cell and indicate “new proposed topic added.” It is important that you do this step so we get notified about your new proposed topic. For those of you who haven’t added comment in google sheet before, please follow the step below.

To add a comment in google sheet:

  1. Click on the cell where you enter your proposed topic.
  2. Right click on the celll and select ‘Insert Comment’.
  3. Enter “new proposed topic added,” then click ‘Comment’.

After a comment was added, an automatic notification will send to us and we will review your proposal.

Here is a youtube video if you are having a hard time following the instruction above:

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the right “notification” setting:

Please make sure that on your google sheet (both tabs), your comment notification setting is set to “all.” To do so, please go to the upper right corner of your google sheet –> click on “comments” –> click on “notifications” –> then select “all.” If you can’t find these buttons, please refer to the image below.



Thank you for carefully reading this instruction and again, welcome to the SofunSD writer team. We look forward to reading your articles.