Monday, September 20, 2021
Homesan diego 圣地亚哥Cuisine 餐廳美食愛吃就要耐心等待|「K-Sandwich 越南三明治」重建計畫 ing!!

愛吃就要耐心等待|「K-Sandwich 越南三明治」重建計畫 ing!!

去年一場無情的大火將小編最愛的越南三明治店「K-Sandwich」燒得一乾二淨!!不過據 「K-Sandwich」的臉書官方帳號指出,目前店家正在等候重建計畫書通過,待計畫通過後便可開始整修!


▼ 官方帳號訊息:

Hi Everyone!
Sorry to keep you all waiting. It has been an extremely enduring process but we are happy to let you all know that our plans for rebuilding are currently pending approval. As soon as we receive approval, we will begin construction immediately.
We hope to have an update for you again shortly!

希望整修計畫可以早日通過,小編真的好懷念「K-Sandwhich」的可頌和越南三明治(banh mi)喔!

Mercury 馬可立
Mercury 從小生長在台灣,移居聖地牙哥約20 年,是個愛吃咖,最喜歡將聖地牙哥好吃好喝的介紹給周遭的親朋好友,現在藉由 SofunSD 的平台將有關聖地牙哥最豐富、最好玩、最好吃的資訊提供給各位讀者!

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